Rev. Justin Howard Rector

Justin and his wife Amy have five amazingly energetic boys: Josiah, Simeon, Judah, Elijah andAidan who fill their lives with wild joy. He was born in New York City and raised in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. Having earned his BA in Religion and Ministry at Houghton College, Justin went on to study at Asbury and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminaries. Longing for a place where the Scriptural, Sacramental, and Spirit-filled facets of his faith experience could converge and find full expression, Justin found his home in the Anglican way as an ordained Priest. Justin enjoys chasing his boys, sitting in front of his wood-stove, reading and sipping tea with his wife, having deep theological conversations, and watching the Holy Spirit transform lives.

Lay Pastors

Amy Howard Lay Pastor, Spiritual Director, Healing Prayer Ministry AmyAmy received her Bachelor of Music in vocal performance at the Greatbatch School of Music, at Houghton College. Having met both the third member of the Trinity as well as the president of the theological society (Justin) during her Sophomore year at Houghton, she traded in Brahms for the prayer room, and quiet Sunday afternoons for family life with five kiddos (and counting). She spends most of her time being formed in the image of Christ by way of cooking dinner, finger-painting, changing diapers, praying with students and parishoners who happen to stumble into the kitchen, and imagining witty responses to the people who keep asking her if she wants to “be like the Duggers.” She is a licensed Spiritual Director for the Anglican Diocese in New England and is currently being trained through Christian Healing Ministries in whole-person healing ministry. Amy’s goal is fulfilling the first and greatest commandment during her lifetime.

Jonathan Kenerson Lay Pastor Jon Kenerson lives with his wife Chrissy and their four kids on their family’s farm in Levant. Jon divides his work schedule between managing a small bridge engineering company and ministering at UMaine with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA. As an alumni of UMaine he has a desire to transform the academic community with the hope and love uniquely found in the person of Jesus. He enjoys strong coffee, dancing to loud music with his kids, and living in his work-in-progress house.

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